"A brilliant, nostalgic, moving trip..." Open Book

“Two figures strolled out of the bedroom: Julia wearing Marcus’s velvet dinner jacket with a thin moustache penciled on her upper lip, and Marcus in her rhinestone-studded corset and ruffle skirt ... And I felt nothing but love and ridiculous gratitude for the messed-up, insufferable joy that was my entire ephemeral life."

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When a long-lost sister shows up as a trans man named Luke, a series of precipitous events throws the lives of boyfriends Daniel and David into turmoil. While David attends an extravagant family reunion in Sicily, Daniel's ex Marcus plans the world-premiere of his one-man show. The couple's vertiginous exploration of sex, intimacy and desire comes to a head when a shocking revelation tests their commitment and future together.

Tales from the Bottom of My Sole (2020) is the stand-alone sequel to David Kingston Yeh’s debut novel, A Boy at the Edge of the World (2018). It is a “confabulated fictional memoir” told by Daniel Garneau, a young gay man in search of himself. In the end, his story is the story of every man: a rollicking dramedy and a philosophical reflection on reconciliation, love and family.

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"Where love, lust, and friendship converge on the road to self-discovery."

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