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“I noticed his knuckles were freshly bruised and crusted with blood, but I didn’t think to ask what had happened. Calmly, we observed each other, breathing in unison…"

Meet Daniel Garneau, your average gay hockey player from small-town Ontario. After moving to Toronto to attend university, Daniel embarks on a series of misadventures both comic and tragic, as he navigates the pitfalls of dating and relationships while juggling the needs of his eccentric family and newfound friends.

A Boy at the Edge of the World is a coming-of-age novel that explores the variegations of sex, intimacy, and queer desire. It is both a rollicking dramedy and a philosophical reflection. In the end, Daniel’s story is the story of each of us: our universal search for love and family ~ at the edge of the world.

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"Where love, lust, and friendship converge on the road to self-discovery."

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