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“There was a time when men would speak to each other with tenderness, and share their innermost thoughts and emotions. The ancient Greeks called this philia and considered it the highest and most noble form of love.”


I imagined grown men holding hands, expressing their affection and love for each other. How different would the world be if no one cared? 

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The B-Side of Daniel Garneau concludes a rollicking three-book series set in Toronto featuring the misadventures of boyfriends Daniel and David, their eccentric family and friends. As Daniel prepares to graduate from med school and propose marriage, David sets out to donate his sperm so his brother can have a baby. But as his celebrity ex Marcus launches his boldest exhibit yet, an unexpected crisis forces Daniel to re-evaluate his priorities in life.

The B-Side of Daniel Garneau is the inspirational follow-up to A Boy at the Edge of the World (2018) and Tales from the Bottom of My Sole (2020). Irreverent and sometimes deeply moving, Daniel's story is a celebration of queer identities and non-traditional families – "a loving snapshot of being twenty-something and searching... full of quirky splendour" (MGT Magazine). At its heart, it is a philosophical reflection on family bonds, and living with courage and love.

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"Where love, lust, and friendship converge on the road to self-discovery."

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